Monday, October 13, 2008


Well, we have had an address on blogspot for about a year now, but neither of us has ever been motivated to post anything. I've been content "stalking" our friends' blogs without feeling the need to have my own. I still don't feel committed, but since my parents now have a blog (these are the same cute people who didn't have an answering machine until the year 2000), we are feeling the pressure to finally get with it. Since we don't have any kids yet, I'm not sure we'll ever have anything interesting to report, but here it goes!


Chris and Kelly said...

Cute pic. We will stalk your blog. Can't wait to see you.

Chris and Kelly said...
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Amy said...

YAY! A post! You look so gorgeous in that picture, girl! And your eyes look blue for some reason. I hope you get into the blog thing...I think it's fun, and sort of therapeutic. And it's so much more personal than Facebook! It gives you a chance to show your individuality. Tell us all of your fabulous opinions about random stuff, or tell us some of the cute things that your kids at school do and say. I'll be hoping to hear! Love you, girlie!